Why Use Hard Money?

There are many misconceptions about what hard money is and exactly what it can do for your real estate investing business. If you're ready to get the facts and learn what hard money is...what it is not.and how to make it work for you then read this..

How To Find A Reliable Hard Money Lender

So you understand how hard money it's time to find solid, reliable Hard Money Lender to work with. But where do you start? The smart thing to do is go local. Because local lenders understand your local market. Learn how to get hard money by reading this..

Hard Money Loan Tips

We've put together 13 must-know hard money tips that every investor should know about Hard Money to flip houses BEFORE you contact a lender. Understand & apply these tips and you can fast-track your approval process & start closing more deals by going here...


As the saying goes..."our best customer is an educated customer." As local hard money lenders for over 10 years in the State of Florida, we have learned that educating real estate investors how to properly, find and use hard money to fund rehabs, short sales and wholesale deals peeds up the entire closing and we are able to close more deals…faster.